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Techstrong 55 Podcast

Join us for the Techstrong 55 Podcast. Stay up to date with the latest in the Tech world in under 55 minutes a day. We hand select our three favorite segments for the day to share with you. features industry thought leaders, experts and practitioners in DevOps, cloud-native, cybersecurity and digital transformation sharing news and commentary, analyst research, in-studio and on-site interviews, topical video series and industry and Techstrong conferences from around the world. Techstrong.TV features both editorial and sponsored content. Produced by Techstrong Group.


What keeps CISOs up at night? What are the vexing challenges CISOs face today and tomorrow? We frequently learn the most from others in similar security roles to our own. Join us in this bi-weekly video series with your hosts, Mitch Ashley, CTO Techstrong Group/Principal Techstrong Research, and Jennifer Minella, founder and principal advisor of Viszen Security, as they engage with leading security leaders and experts about the latest cybersecurity topics.

Tech. Strong. Women.

Learn from the technologists who have impacted and disrupted critical aspects of technology across all industries. Learn about what’s new, what’s now, what’s next, and meet the visionaries who are making it happen. Hosted by Jodi Ashley of Techstrong Group and Tracy Ragan of DeployHub. Tech.Strong.Women. Addresses critical IT issues and thought leadership from today’s top technologists with a focus on women. Produced by Techstrong Group.

DevOps Unbound

DevOps Unbound is the first bi-weekly video series and companion monthly round-table on DevOps, Automation, CI/CD and testing. Featuring leaders in all of these areas we explore the challenges and issues Software delivery and IT teams face every day. How do we go faster, smarter with better quality? DevOps UnBound! Produced by Techstrong Group.

The Open Mainframe

The Open Mainframe series spotlights all aspects of Open Mainframe Project from the community, project and technology perspectives. Key topics include open source, COBOL, Zowe, mentorships, training and diversity and inclusion. Launched in 2015, Open Mainframe Project has increased membership by 225% and projects by 1500% in just five years. Now with more than 40 business and academic institutions, it is the connection between mainframe and IT innovation for a more flexible, scalable and secure enterprise solution. Produced by Techstrong Group.

The CD Pipeline Show - Continuously Delivering Software from A to Z

The Continuous Delivery Foundation believes in empowering developers and teams to produce high-quality software with speed. This series spotlights all aspects of Continuous Delivery as we interview community thought leaders about different technologies, open source, best practices, and future trends. Key topics include Continuous Delivery events, interoperability, software supply chain, and more. Produced by Techstrong Group.

Techstrong Research Review

Join Mitch Ashley, Principal of Techstrong Research, and Mike Rothman, General Manager of Techstrong Research, as they sit down once a week to dive into the latest on cloud, DevOps, security AI, data, and infrastructure.

The Digital CxO Podcast

Hear interviews and discussions about all areas of digital transformation with industry leaders.